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"AMBERPIT" - Is a product line of humic substances, growth promoters, and plant development, which are biologicaly active substances derived from natural sources from plants and animals.

Their origin is the organic peat from the Altai region of Siberia.

The characteristics of these biologically active complex chemicals are unique. The chemicals are not toxic, they are environmentally friendly, easy to use, and do not require any special storage conditions.

The "AMBERPIT" line of products have been patented in Russia and have been successfully tested in different climatic zones in the Russian Federation and abroad.
Indoor and Outdoor plants require regular feeding, as many diseases are caused by improper care and are associated with malnutrition. It is for this purpose that the “AMBERPIT” product line was designed.


The use of multi-product "AMBERPIT K" improves soil nutrient properties, including macro and micro nutrients. "ABIGUM" – Is an effective re-cultivator intended for soils which have been contaminated by heavy metals, radionuclides and products of oil production.


The product "AMBERPIT Agro" is used in soil to maintain and replenish the organic components of the soil.

“AMBERPIT Vitapit”

Use of the product "VITAPIT" with pre-seed treatment, can significantly improve plant germination and vigor, reduce pollution, and combat pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Plants developed from seeds treated with medication, have an increased resistance to disease.

"AMBERPIT Folio" - Foliar fertilizer

The product "AMBERPIT Folio" improves the physiological activity of the plant, accelerates photosynthesis, and increases plant resistance to parasitic diseases.

"AMBERPIT Radix" - Root feeding

Use of the product "AMBERPIT Radix" strengthens the root system, contributes to its development, and significantly increases the survival rate of plants after transplantation. It also increases the resistance of crops to adverse environmental conditions (freezing, drought).

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